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During my senior year in high school, I was inspired to take their first computer programming course in basic DOS (Disk Operating System) computer language and that began my love of technology, steer my career path, and launch Dawn's Gifted Creations.

From inspiration to an insatiable passion for learning more about all things computer, I became fluent in several of the Microsoft Office programs and obtained an Associates Degree as a Microcomputer Specialist with Honors while working full time as a secretary and later as an administrative assistant to a director of information technology (IT) for a Fortune 500 company. While working in IT, my fascination with the Internet and Web Design emerged.

My unquenchable passion led me to take a leave of absence and to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree (Major in Writing, Minor in Art). This expanded my computer knowledge to include desktop publishing and discover another love; creating photo collages and fine works of art.

In addition to www.DawnDrury.com and www.DawnsGiftedCreations.com, I maintain some unique websites for clients (see my Web Portfolio). For example, one is an eCommerce site with internal shopping cart passing to PayPal for payment authorization and member log in script. Another website is showcasing a home staging company’s portfolio and services.

Continuing education is a part of each day by practicing skills, researching, and reading publications in a myriad of technological topics. The World is ever changing just like technology and I continue to strive, grow, and contribute daily from Illinois.

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