Julie & Julia the movie.  I enjoyed it.  This Blogging sensation that is sweeping the World is a curious thing to me.  Yes, I have technically two blogs. One started years ago and this one you are currently reading.  The latter one I started to practice and learn some of the basic skills of WordPress and Blogs in general to help my clients with theirs.

Here is a picture of my scrambled eggs.


Julie in the movie started blogging about her cooking Julia’s recipes, which I believe was an everyday blog entry.  I’m wondering if that contributed to her making it to the top of the list of blogs or if it was more her topic of Julia and cooking each worthy of their own blog.

Another, thought to ponder is the length of the entries.  If the movie was true to the length of the entries they showed, then short and to the point or long and captivating are both pliable to the readers interest.

How often should one blog, what do you think?  Daily, weekly, or when the topic presents itself that you just have to blog?  You are the reader. How often do you want to read from the blogs you follow?

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